Thai Vegan Cooking Class

Experience how to cook authentic, delicious Thai food using fresh and local plant foods. Experience some rich culture at the local markets sourcing local ingredients and learn the importance of Thai herbs, the role they play in each dish and the effect they have on our health and vitality. 

Learn From The Locals

Local coconut farm and coconut crafting class 

Join us on a visit to the local coconut farm and learn the wonder and versatility of Thai coconut palms. The locals will demonstrate how to make coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut bowls, coconut spoons, coconut sugar and coconut fabrics.  


Tea & Library Garden

Relax in our open air Tea & Library Garden hidden between flowers, and underneath banana trees. Get lost in the dog eared pages of a great book and enjoy a delicate herbal tea or vegan treat.  

Learn From The Locals

Fruit farm tour and buffet

Learn about the abundance and variety of local fruits grown on the island with a tour of a nearby fruit farm. The locals will teach you about the fruits and at the end of the tour there will be an unlimited fruit buffet where you can try all the fruits you have seen around the farm. 


Srithanu Beach

 Relax on the idyllic Zen Beach, only 8 minutes away by hotel shuttle. Beach shuttles drop off and pick up from Zen Beach 3-5 times a day for your convenience. Soak up the sun, bury your feet in the pristine white sand and enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal clear ocean.   

Open Air Cinema

Lay back on a mountain of cushions or snuggle on a rug with a kitty or pup in our bohemian moonlit cinema. Relax under the stars with a bamboo bowl full of popcorn and a smoothie cocktail whilst enjoying your favourite movie.  


Ionized Swimming Pool

Cool down in our healthy, chlorine & salt-free luxurious swimming pool. No need to worry about harsh chemicals! We use Nasa inspired technology to keep our pool clean and chemical free. Enjoy a refreshing smoothie or cocktail from our sunken pool bar whilst floating in cool water or absorbing some vitamin D poolside.  


Meet The Residents

Join a guided tour around the hotel with our animal guardian and get to know every paw and personality. Or simply relax with a pup whilst enjoying your tea in the tea garden, snuggle with a kitty whilst enjoying the view from your room, sun bake by the pool with a happy cat or just explore the grounds and spy all the animals in their hidey holes. 

Restaurant & Buffet Nights

 Enjoy our delicious vegan delights in the traditional Thai surroundings of our famous Thai fusion restaurant in the company of our resident animals. Pamper your health with our abundant and nutritious buffet breakfast or with our extensive a la carte lunch and dinner menu. Join us twice a week for themed buffet nights (sushi, shabu shabu or taco nights) offering unlimited mouthwatering vegan nourishments. 

Yoga & Lunch 

Spend an afternoon finding your zen. Let us take you to our local yoga studio for an afternoon of yoga and vegan buffet.  


All Day Bicycle Hire

 Utilize PlantLife's favourite form of transportation. Grab a bicycle and explore the nearby waterfall, beaches, villages or simply cycle your way around the island enjoying the breathtaking scenery on offer.  


Herbal Steam & Sauna 

Relax with traditional Thai herbal steam therapy in our Herbal Steam Sauna. Cleanse your body of toxins, improve your circulation and soothe sore muscles before enjoying a delicate herbal tea in our sauna garden.   



Cycle & Run Club

Every morning at 6.30am rendezvous with our PlantStrong club in the lobby and join us for an invigorating run or cycle. We make our way to the Srithanu beach, enjoy a quick, refreshing dip and return back to PlantLife to refuel with a delicious and nutritious vegan buffet breakfast. 


Vegan Island Tour

Embrace your inner buddha belly as we eat our way around Koh Phangan. Let us take you to all the local Thai and western vegan eateries around the island, stopping for vegan street food as we go.  


Outside Excursions

Island day trips, diving and treks

Book your excursions to nearby islands, boat trips, diving tours and treks with us.  



Hotel Sanctuary


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